HRIHL Secretariat Project Funding Recipients

The Secretariat provides project funding to CSOs operating in the oPt, often following identification fo themes and priorities. So far, the Secretariat has launched calls for project funding proposals on two occassions, in 2014 and 2015.

The Secretariat's first call for proposals for project funding was launched on 29 April 2014, and resulted in the receipt of 84 applications, 23 of these were selected, on 5 June 2014, for developing full applications. The geographic and thematic focus of the proposals during the first cycle included: HR Education and Awareness, Legislative and Policy Reform, Advocacy and Campaigning, Persons with Disabilities, Youth, Empowerment and Activisms, Enhancing Gender Mainstreaming and Combating Discrimination – Against Women, Freedoms of Media & Press, Litigation Against Duty Bearers, and HR/IHL Research.

This first cycle has resulted in the award of project funding to 19 CSOs, listed below.



CSO partner

Title of the project

Objective of Project

Budget Ceiling

Web Address


AQHRC-Al-Quds Human Rights Clinic -   Al-Quds University (AQU)

Upgrading the Monitoring and   Documentation Unit.

Upgrading the capacity of the Human   Rights Clinic, to be more independent in teaching and supervising   documentation of human rights violation in Jerusalem.



CCPRJ-The Civic Coalition for Palestinian Rights in   Jerusalem

Combating De-Palestinization, Promoting   the Right to Quality Palestinian Education in Occupied East Jerusalem.

To empower Palestinian civil society   stakeholders in education in occupied East Jerusalem, including parents,   students, school teachers and administrators, to play an effective role in   combatting De-Palestinization and protecting and promoting Palestinian   culture and identity in East Jerusalem education.



Community Media Center

It is not Just Documentaries.

To contribute to promoting and   protecting youth rights in the Gaza Strip through developing youth capacity   in using media and social media in advocating for and protecting their rights   and developing community awareness and a culture that respects human rights.




CWLRC-Centre for Women’s Legal Research & Consulting

Advancing Human Rights-based Approach   to Realizing Women’s Rights and Gender Equality in the Gaza Strip.

To contribute to promoting women's   rights and gender equality in the Gaza Strip based on IHRL and IHL.



Hurryyat-The Center for Defense of Liberties & Civil   Rights

Towards a Palestinian Torture-Free   Society.

To strengthen the culture of respect   for HR and IHL towards a torture-free Palestinian society, enhanced by the   rule of law.



IALIIS-Ibrahim Abu-Lughod Institute of   International Studies - Birzeit University

Refugee Camps: Forms of Representation   and Human Rights.

To improve political processes that   underpin human rights, in particular representation, in the refugee camps of   the West Bank and Gaza Strip.



Kav LaOved – Worker's Hotline

Upholding and Protecting the Labour and   Human Rights of Palestinian Workers Employed by Israelis.

To uphold Israeli labor law and protect   and promote the rights of Palestinian workers employed by Israelis in Israel   and in the Occupied Palestinian Territories.



LRC-Land Research Center

Protecting Palestinian's Housing and   Land Rights in Area 'C'.

To provide technical and legal support   to victims of land confiscation and house demolition in five villages in the   Hebron governorate to access the Israeli justice system.



MA'AN Development Center – Gaza

Youth in Action for Human Rights.

To empower 140 young community leaders   in the Gaza Strip to mainstream HR and IHL into their social actions and   influence duty bearers to fulfill their obligations towards the   rights-holders through addressing and advocating for specific human rights   violations in policy dialogue.



Ma'an Network

Promoting Human Rights and   International Human Rights Law in the oPt Through Innovative Media   Initiatives.

To establish a Palestinian culture that   demands government accountability for and protection from human rights   abuses, through raising awareness of citizens’ legal rights and establishing   a channel through which the public can demand transparent investigations into   human rights violations and the systematic reform of government institutions   abusing human rights.



Musawa-The Palestinian Center for the Independence of the   Judiciary and the Legal Profession

The Palestinian Constitution.

The project adopts a holistic approach   in working towards a justice section of the Palestinian constitution based on   HR/IHL and societal consensus.



Muwatin-The Palestinian Institute for   the Study of Democracy

Laws in Violation of Good Governance:   Reclaiming Rights by the People.

To empower citizens to exercise   accountability over the laws produced in the absence of a legitimate and   functioning PLC.



PAFU-The Palestinian Farmers Union as hosting   organization of the Stop the Wall Campaign (STW)

Do not Recognize, Aid or Assist.

To contribute to a situation of   accountability and respect for human rights by all duty bearers by creating   mechanisms to implement the ICJ decision related to the separation Wall.



PARC-The Agricultural Development Association – Gaza

Strengthening the Legal and Policy   Environment to Protect Farm Land and Farmers' Rights.

To contribute to protecting the   agriculture farmlands and farmers’ rights based on IHRL and IHL.



PBA-Palestinian Bar Association - Gaza

Lawyers for Human Rights and Protection   of Civilians in Gaza.

To strengthen the Palestinian Bar   Association constituency and Gaza legal community engagement in civilian   protection to uphold human rights and promote access of victims to justice.



PCS-The Palestinian Consultative Staff for Developing   NGOs

Enhancing and Protecting the Rights of   Persons with Disability in the Occupied Palestinian Territories.

To contribute to institutional and   policy reforms that advance the rights of people with disabilities through   documenting violations of persons with disabilities rights, advocating for   the adherence to the Palestinian Disability Law and the International   Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities.



Rabbis for Human Rights Seized Lands: Legal Recourse Against   Takeover of Privately Owned Palestinian Lands in the oPt. To address the ongoing human rights   violations taking place in the oPt in general and in the so-called ‘Gush   Etzion’ region specifically, by providing legal representation to enable   victims of human rights violations to seek redress and ensure protection of   their rights. $70000


Teacher Creativity Center

Enhancing the National Education Sector   Role in Promoting Respect for HRs/IHL in Palestine.

To promote the role of education in the   formation of informed, responsible and active citizenry prepared to abide by,   defend and promote human rights culture, humanitarian law and the principle   of respect for life and human dignity.



Women for Life Organization

Empowerment of Women Divorced Before   Actual Marriage in Salfet and Qalqilia.

To contribute to reduce all kinds of   violence against women and empower divorced women (before consummation) in   Salfit and Qalqilya, socially and legally so that they are able to defend   their rights.




The Secretariat launched a second call for project funding proposals on 29 April 2015. 94 applications were received, of which the Steering Committee, on 13 August 2015, selected 20 applications for funding.

The table below lists the 18 CSOs whose applications for project funding were approved, and grant agreements signed*:



CSO partner

Title of the project

Objective of project

Budget Ceiling

Web Address



Hakakom: your right.

Increase access to justice for Palestinians living in East Jerusalem, through contributing to address HR and IHL violations perpetrated by the Israeli occupation. Such procedures include house demolitions, land confiscation, revocation of EJ residency and discriminatory zoning and planning, within the wider context of forced population transfer. The project aims to increase EJ rights holders’ access to information about their rights inherent in HR and IHL and available mechanisms to counter the procedures of the occupation that compromise inherent HR, and to increase national and international stakeholders’ awareness of and continuous access to updated information about HR and IHL violations perpetrated by the occupation authorities in EJ.

$ 85,320



Ir Amim

Advancing basic human rights in East Jerusalem neighborhoods beyond the Wall

To hold Israeli duty bearers accountable, in accordance with Israel’s obligations as an occupying power, for the protection of the health, safety and education rights of Palestinian residents of the neighborhoods beyond the Wall, and the wholesale denial of socio-economic rights placing them at constant threat of displacement from the city.

$ 40,000



Arab Thought Forum

Improved community based monitoring, documentation and reporting of human rights violations in East Jerusalem

The project aims to empower grassroots in East Jerusalem to conduct bottom-up human rights activism, particularly in empowering CBOs to provide the function of monitoring, documentation, and reporting on cases and violations of human rights.

$ 97,500



Sawa Organization

Toward a life of dignity for Palestinian minors

This project’s first objective is to enhance protection of Palestinian minors by empowering them to benefit from their human, social and cultural rights, pursuing accountability for the violations of their rights and mitigating the impacts of such violations. The second objective is to increase awareness among members of the international community about violence by Israeli security forces against Palestinian minors and the state's non-compliance with its obligations under IHL and IHR.

$ 70,000



Independent Youth Forum

Harnessing Palestinian capacity to claim and advocate for their rights.

 through Video Evidence in East Jerusalem

This project aims to develop the capacity of Palestinian activists in East Jerusalem to effectively monitor the abuses they face; collect and verify testimonials from victims; and research, document instances of Israeli violence, discrimination, forced displacement and nationalist hate crimes.

$ 30,821



Al-Maqdese for Society Development

Empowering Palestinian citizens to fully obtain their rights in light of the grave Israeli violations of these rights.

Strengthen the respect of human rights and the commitment to the principles and laws of HR and IHL.

$ 70,000



The Association for Civil Rights in Israel (ACRI)

Safeguarding Human Rights of Palestinians living under Occupation

Foster a discussion about the "two systems of law" in the West Bank, exposing and challenging the discrepancies that exist in every aspect of life between Jews and Palestinians. Secure access for Palestinians living in Area C to land, water, housing and development, by challenging practices that result in forcible displacement. Conduct comprehensive mapping and improve the situation of Palestinian children in the criminal justice system in EJ.

$ 50,000



Civic Coalition for Palestinian Rights in Jerusalem (CCPRJ)

In partnership with Badil and the Arab Studies Society GIS Department

Revisiting international law on population transfer: a project promoting accountability for settler implantation and forcible displacement of Palestinians

CCPRJ proposes to mainstream the international law framework of population transfer, including related legal instruments, as a framework guiding efforts at ending forcible displacement of Palestinians and Israeli settlement activity in the OPT (including East Jerusalem); and gather evidence and enhance understanding of population transfer in the particular context of occupied East Jerusalem and the adjacent West Bank (Israeli-proclaimed “greater Jerusalem”), including its concrete (criminal) elements, scope and impacts.

$ 50, 000



Palestinian Counseling Center

Strengthening child protection in East Jerusalem

To build child protection capacities and advocacy efforts in East Jerusalem, with focus on psychosocial rights and the connection between political violence and intra-community violence against the child.

$ 100,000




Defending the rights of jobless and workers in East Jerusalem and Area C

To contribute to upholding the human rights of the Palestinians in EJ and Area C, who face poverty, social disintegration and displacement due to lack of services and economic deprivation, by helping them exercise the rights guaranteed under international humanitarian law. Facilitate the ability of 800 EJ residents to overcome systemic blocks to the optimization of their socioeconomic rights on both sides of the SB through legal counselling, legal intervention and rights literacy. Reduce the exploitation of Palestinian workers by Israeli employers in EJ and Area C by providing legal services, trainings, and organizing and by securing the implementation of Israeli labour law on Israeli employers.

$ 70,000



Jerusalem Network for Community Advocacy

Partnership for protection: empowering Palestinian residents of Occupied East Jerusalem

Legal awareness: people in occupied EJ will become aware of their basic legal and social rights and entitlements, be able to access these rights through legal and paralegal activity, and able to disseminate knowledge about these rights to their friends and neighbors. Awareness raising will focus on the issues threatening forced displacement as well as those involving basic rights and entitlements.

Empowerment: residents of EJ cut off by poverty and social exclusion will become empowered to define needs, set goals, and work together to achieve positive change. Offer representation at both individual and systems levels. Centers staff and volunteers will work with EJ residents who come into JCAN centers for individual assistance and who will be provided with legal and paralegal advice whereby people are empowered to follow up on their cases-issues on their own with minimal intervention by the centers; people’s cases are taken on by one of the centers and followed up on with court representation by lawyers from the centers; organizations will also take “case to cause” on a major issue facing the communities aiming at exposing discriminatory laws and the protection of people’s rights.

$ 69,457



Emek Shaveh

Jerusalem land and heritage rights

Promote the human rights of the Palestinian residents of East Jerusalem to their lands and cultural heritage in the vicinity of where they live.

$ 50,000



Land Research center

Protecting Palestinian's housing and land rights in Area 'C'

Strengthen the role of Palestinian CSOs, NGOs, CBOs, local authorities and victims in defending land and housing rights of residents of area 'C' in Hebron governorate. Define and implement strategies and promote unified and efficient defense mechanisms against Israeli violations of housing and land rights. Provide technical and legal support to HR violations victims to access the Israeli justice system and transform victims into active participants. Support women and children as they are among the most vulnerable and affected. This is an attempt to improve the human rights status of the targeted communities. The immediate objective is to promote, organize, and systemize the defense work of the Palestinian people to their rights of adequate housing and free use of land at the project targeted areas.

$ 70,000



The Palestinian Youth Association for Leadership and Rights Activation - Pyalara

Hands in hands against settlers violence

The project contributes to mitigating the impact of settlers based violence on children, adolescents and community members.

$ 98,958




Against torture in the Palestinian territories – The Palestinian accession to the International Treaty against Torture

Strengthening the culture of respect to HR and IHL and the Palestinian basic law which guarantees human basic rights, through awareness building sessions that will be organized with the security, intelligence and police officials, with a special focus on UNCAT.

$ 60,000



Torture Rehabilitation Center

Strengthening the resiliency  of marginalized communities affected by settlers violence or/and Israeli  forces in Hebron

Contribute towards sustaining the resiliency and empowerment of families affected by human rights violations in four marginalized communities in Hebron


$ 50,000



Social Developmental Forum-SDF

Improve the local response of the right to work and the right of access for people with disabilities in Gaza Strip.

To contribute to the integration of persons with disabilities in Gaza Strip, and amend the policies of responsible bodies that provide buildings and reconstruction schemes licenses, to ensure the harmonization of the buildings to the needs of individuals with disabilities.

$ 86,652



Society Voice Foundation

Advocacy for displaced families and demolished houses in the Gaza Strip.

Advocating the rights of displaced families whose homes were demolished during the Israeli war on Gaza during the summer 2014.

$ 94,325



* CSOs have rights to grant funds only when a Grant Agreement is duly signed and effective.

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