Grievance Procedures

The Secretariat is please to launch this online ‘Grievance’ procedures, and is therefore inviting partner civil society organisations (CSOs) or other CSOs who are or have previously been in the process of acquiring Secretariat services to submit their grievances, constructive criticism and/or recommendations to the Secretariat, through the following email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Before submitting a formal grievance through these procedures, CSOs should as a first step, approach the Secretariat’s Fund Manager, with all matters. The FM will coordinate with the competent persons at the Secretariat for the resolution of the complaint. When CSOs are not satisfied with the outcome of the communication or coordination with the Fund Manager, they should, as a second step, approach the Secretariat Manager.

When both steps, described above, fail to produce results to the satisfaction of the CSO concerned, within a maximum of 10 working days per each step from the date of the receipt of the complaint, the CSO may approach Secretariat management, through these procedures. All formal grievances and suggestions for improving fund-related processes and procedures, submitted through these procedures, will go directly and simultaneously to the Secretariat Manager and the Programme Director, for their joint review and assessment, and for taking appropriate action.

Before proceeding with the submission of your grievance, please read the procedures below. Your use of these procedures is taken as a declaration that you formally represent the CSO, and that you have attempted to resolve the issue informally with the Secretariat.

Why This Procedure?

1. To provide a mechanism for the receipt and review and resolution of complaints, grievances or issues raised by CSOs in relation to services provided by the Secretariat, particularly the grant-making and grant-management function, but also in relation to capacity development and policy dialogue as well.
2. An online forum for constructive criticism, submission of recommendations, and learning the lessons of our past performance, and developing appropriate and more responsive processes and procedures.

Who Can Avail of This Procedure?

These procedures apply to all CSOs working for human rights in occupied Palestine, particularly CSOs who have received Secretariat funding, or are now in the process of receiving funding, or whose applications for Secretariat funding were not approved.

Policy Statement

The Secretariat provides an online, documented mechanism for CSOs to raise complaints or grievances in relation to the work and services of the Secretariat. These procedures emphasise a collegial approach to grievance submission, review and resolution, through informal and formal discussions, and are designed to lead to:

• Prompt resolution of problems and issues brought to the attention of the Secretariat; and,
• Enhanced learning and refinement of the Secretariat’s services and processes and procedures.


These grievance procedures are governed by the following principles:

• This Grievance Procedures is the only formal way of grievance with regard to the work of the Secretariat.
• These Grievance Procedures will not be used to challenge decisions of the Steering Committee.
• These Grievance Procedures only be used to challenge the decisions Technical Appraisal Committee if these were not developed or arrived at in accordance with the respective call for proposals, established fund management rules, procedures, and the FAM.
• Where a grievance arises as a result of a Secretariat decision or action, the status of the CSOs whether applicant or grantee will not be adversely affected as a result of the grievance per se.
• Where two or more CSOs raise an identical or common problem, issue or grievance, the Secretariat will take action on these issues together.
• A matter raised within these procedures may be withdrawn by the CSO, at any stage during these procedures by notice to the Secretariat, submitted through the same email address.
• Solutions discussed and understandings and agreements arrived at as a result of these grievance procedures do not constitute precedents, and will be developed and concluded without prejudice to positions taken in other cases. However, the Secretariat will strive to make use of the lessons the handling specific cases provide to update and further improve its processes and procedures, and also to update and enrich the FAQ section of its website.

Practical Steps

General: The Secretariat will not normally take action in response to anonymous complaints, unless issues raised are of a serious nature (i.e. corruption, harassment, conflict of interest…etc.,) and that the communication received provided sufficient, credible information.

Please be reminded that by using these procedures, the CSO certifies that it has attempted to resolve the grievance through discussions with the Secretariat, first working with the Fund Manager, then the Secretariat Manager, as appropriate. CSOs and the Secretariat should ensure that all communication regarding grievance is in writing or documented in writing.

Only when both aforementioned steps have failed to result in a satisfactory resolution of the issues raised by the concerned CSO, will the CSO use these procedures.

A. First Level: Initial Review and Communication

When a CSO wishes to raise a formal grievance with the Secretariat within these procedures, its communication or grievance may only be entertained when received through the following email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

The SM and PD will conduct an initial review of the issue(s) raised with the FM, then conduct or facilitate one-on-one discussion with applicant CSOs, seeking a mutually satisfactory outcome in every case.

B. Second Level: Referral of Serious Cases to Quality Assurance Team (QA)

Where the grievance remains unresolved after 10 working days from last exchange of written communication with the applicant CSO, the CSO, or the Secretariat management can request that the matter be brought to the attention of the Quality Assurance team (QA).

The applicant CSO and the Secretariat team accept that action suggested by the QA team as resolution of the grievance, and therefore shall constitute final and full settlement of the grievance.

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