The Secretariat's Grant Program

The Secretariat to Support Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law NGOs Operating in the occupied Palestinian territory (hereinafter Secretariat) is a joint donor programme sponsored by Denmark, the Netherlands, Sweden (lead donor) and Switzerland.

The overall objective of the Secretariat is to contribute to the effective realisation of and adherence to human rights and international humanitarian law in the occupied Palestinian territory (oPt) and to influence the behaviour of the relevant duty bearers, including Israel, the Palestinian Authority and the governing bodies/authorities in Gaza. The Secretariat primarily works with and supports Palestinian and Israeli human rights (HR) civil society organisations (CSOs) active in the oPt, within the general parameters and context of ending the Israeli occupation of the oPt, and establishing an independent, democratic Palestinian state in which human rights are respected.

To contribute to real and sustainable change within its priority areas, the Secretariat is providing core budget support to CSOs as a main function of the Secretariat. Further, the Secretariat provides short-term and limited project funding to CSOs to support new and existing organisations or initiatives that will further improve human rights and international humanitarian law (IHL) situation and ensure that the situation in the oPt remains dynamic with relevant actors/programmes for change. The Secretariat may also provide emergency support, in response to certain emergency situations that adversely affect the human rights situation in the occupied Palestinian territories, for which the ordinary programming of CSOs, and already existing Secretariat support do not provide adequate answer.

The Secretariat grants fund includes approximately 13,289,400 USD. The Secretariat’s donors, however, may from time to time make additional funds available for the Secretariat to disburse, especially through the emergency funding mechanism. The above fund is planned to be distributed over a three-year period (2014-2016). This amount is expected to be awarded using three types of grants:

  1. Core Funding: about 80% of the grant fund will be awarded to CSOs eligible to receive Core Funding as per the set standards and criteria defined in the Fund_Management_Manual_2017.pdf
  2. Project Funding: about 20% of the grant fund will be awarded to CSOs eligible to receive Project Funding as per the set standards and criteria defined in the Manual.
  3. Emergency funding: supplemental amounts may be provided by donors in response to emergency situations, and will be awarded to eligible CSOs, per standards and criteria defined in the FMM and the applicable call(s) for emergency funding.

 The Secretariat’s original mandate for grant funds management was from 2014 through 2016. In 2016, following an independent external review, the donor group agreed to extend the Secretariat's management of the portfolio of existing partners for an additional year, while phasing out project funding and activities related to capacity building and policy dialogue from the beginning of 2017.

As throughout the Secretariat’s tenure, Secretariat funding in 2017 seeks to support the overall mission, aims and principles of the Secretariat and funding objectives set out in the FMM.However, in 2017, funding is available only in the form of supplemental grant support for the Secretariat’s existing strategic partners. In principle, all of the Secretariat’s strategic partners are eligible for supplemental support in 2017 as long as the CSO continues to meet eligibility requirements outlined in the Secretariat Funds Management Manual and clearly demonstrates effective contributions to the realisation of HR/IHL in the oPt. 


The Secretariat’s Fund Management Manual:


The Manual is considered to be the active implementation and procedural application of the Secretariat’s Strategy (Strategy) and Results Framework, which will draw the big picture and guide the Secretariat’s work. Hence, the Manual has been designed to meet the objectives, guidance and trends explored by the Secretariat’s Strategy (the Strategy) to guarantee the efficient and effective implementation of the fund management objectives in particular, and the other Secretariat objectives in general.


The Manual contains the policies, procedures, guidelines, and guidance that the Secretariat will use for the solicitation, negotiation, award, administration, and results-based reporting of the grants awarded. In addition, the Manual: outlines the overall structure of the grant cycle, explains the types of grants available, clarifies the appraisal/evaluation criteria, provides guidance for CSO mapping/prequalification and lists the eligibility requirements for CSOs.


The Manual is designed in a way that provides clear directions to promote transparency, predictability and accountability in all aspects of Secretariat’s fund management (core, project and emergency) and to avoid subjective determinations. To meet the fund management’s objectives, the Manual outlines:


  1. Detailed procedures, including the definition of standards and practical guidelines reflecting all steps of grants management cycle in a transparent way, with clear evaluation criteria used in assessing and appraising proposals and grants;
  2. Ensuring all grantees understand their responsibilities in administering the grants fund within a clear results framework;
  3. Guidelines, required (results-based) reports and records necessary to successfully administer the grants fund;
  4. Documentation requirements for analysis and approval of grants proposals as well as for overall management;
  5. Ensuring that grantees/partners are in full compliance to Secretariat and Donors standard conditions and requirements;
  6. Ensuring effective and efficient use of donor resources and funds;
  7. Results-based and financial reporting requirements; and,
  8. Results-based monitoring and evaluation requirements.


As a public document, the Manual is distributed and disseminated to partners, stakeholders and other relevant parties including CSOs, the Secretariat, and Consortium of Donors, and is thus made available to the public through this link.

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