The Secretariat Program

The Secretariat to Support Human Rights (HR) and International Humanitarian Law (IHL) NGOs Operating in the occupied Palestinian territory – in short, the HR and IHL Secretariat (hereafter “Secretariat”) – is a joint donor programme sponsored by Denmark, the Netherlands, Sweden (lead donor) and Switzerland.

The overall objective of the Secretariat is to contribute to the effective realisation of and adherence to HR and IHL in the occupied Palestinian territory (oPt) and to influence the behaviour of the relevant duty bearers including Israel, the Palestinian Authority (PA) and the governing bodies/authorities in Gaza. The Secretariat primarily works with and provides support to Palestinian and Israeli HR and IHL CSOs operating in/on the oPt. This is done within the general parameters and context of ending the Israeli occupation and establishing an independent, democratic Palestinian state where duty bearers respect, protect, promote, and fulfil HR and where right holders enjoy these rights.

The Secretariat is established to provide the following core functions/services:

  1. Fund management whereby funds are made available for CSOs operations and projects in a transparent, and equitable manner and that counteracts corruption and duplication. Fund management is primarily carried out through the provision of core, project and emergency funding.
  2. Provide needs based CSO capacity building opportunities, including a human rights based approach (HRBA), that strengthen core functions and programme management. These capacities aim to empower partner organisations and improve their ability to participate more effectively in democratic processes and to improve the results of their work.
  3. Provide opportunities for policy dialogue among all stakeholders of the HR sector, which is intended to influence constitutional, institutional, and governmental spheres of activity so that the outcomes and impacts of the programme are strengthened and their sustainability is ensured.

Ras Al-Tahouneh ST, near Al-Muqata'a
Al-Bireh, Palestine
Phone: 02 297 4563/4
Fax: 02 297 4565
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Tomouh Building (Jawwal), Al-Jala'
Gaza City, Palestine
Phone: 08 288 3115
Fax: 08 288 3114
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