Approval of 20 Projects in Support of Human Rights in the oPt



13 August 2015

Approval of 20 Projects in Support of Human Rights in the oPt:

The Secretariat Concludes its Project Funding Cycle for 2015

Al-Bireh, Palestine – On 30 April 2015, the Secretariat launched its call for proposals for project funding grants (PF03-2015). From the onset of the current process, the Secretariat has announced that the focus will be on East Jerusalem, though it has also announced priority themes for the rest of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.

The response to the subject call for proposals has been overwhelming; until the deadline of 1 June 2015, a total of 94 proposals from Gaza, East Jerusalem, and the rest of the West Bank, have been received, requesting a total of US$11,375,059 in funding. This is more than eight times the total funds available to the Secretariat for project funding. This alone made it impossible to approve except a small number of applications. From the moment we have learnt the call for proposals has attracted such a large number of applications, we realized that most certainly a large number of applications will not be approved, despite responding to the Secretariat’s announced thematic and geographic priorities.

Additionally, increased pressures on the Palestinian population of occupied East Jerusalem during the past few months have made it necessary for the Secretariat to further emphasize East Jerusalem as its teams reviewed the applications it has received. While the Secretariat expected that half of the applications it will recommend to the donor Steering Committee will address East Jerusalem priorities, and the remaining will be dedicated for other West Bank and Gaza priorities, increased attention to Jerusalem, with the support of our donors, meant that out of 20 approved proposals, 14 proposals came from Jerusalem, nearly three quarters. The assessment has been made in close consultation with the donors, who are the decision makers of the final list.

The Secretariat wishes to make it clear that many approved applications have been approved only in part, and that most applicants have received detailed suggestions and recommendations to ensure approved applications result in the desired change and improvement in the human rights situation in the oPt. This way, the Secretariat not only identified the most responsive components of the approved applications, but it has also, as a consequence, been able to seek donor approval of a larger number of proposals for funding than it originally planned.

Taking the decisions above has followed a rigorous, lengthy process, in which the Secretariat analysed applications using the announced criteria, and presented the results to its donors for deliberation. Discussions then ensued with the Secretariat’s donors, culminating in today’s approval by the Steering Committee of the attached list of applications.

By the time this goes to the process, applicants of approved applications have already been sent individual approval letters, and general letters of regret have also been sent to the remaining applicants. The Secretariat is grateful to every CSO for investing the time and effort into applying to access the Secretariat’s resources, and wishes to emphasize that the grant program of the Secretariat is only one of three pillars of its work in contribution to improving respect for human rights in occupied Palestine. The other two pillars include capacity development of partner and non-partner CSOs, and contribution to and facilitation of policy dialogue.


The following table provides details of the applicant CSOs whose applications have been approved, and the project title and budget ceiling for each. 

CSO Project Title Budget ceiling (US$)
PalVision Project Title: Hakakom: your right. $85,320
Ir Amim Project Title: Advancing basic human rights in East Jerusalem neighborhoods beyond the Wall. $40,000
Arab Thought Forum Project Title: Improved community based monitoring, documentation and reporting of human rights violations in East Jerusalem. $97,500
Sawa Organization Project Title: Toward a life of dignity for Palestinian minors. $70,000
Independent Youth Forum Project Title: Harnessing Palestinian capacity to claim and advocate for their rights, through video evidence in East Jerusalem. $30,821
Al-Maqdese for Society Development Project Title: Empowering Palestinian citizens to fully obtain their rights in light of the grave Israeli violations. $70,000
The Association for Civil Rights in Israel (ACRI) Project Title: Safeguarding human rights of Palestinians living under Occupation. $50,000
Civic Coalition for Palestinian Rights in Jerusalem (CCPRJ) Project Title: Revisiting international law on population transfer: a project promoting accountability for settler implantation and forcible displacement of Palestinians. $50,000
Palestinian Counseling Center Project Title: Strengthening child protection in East Jerusalem. $100,000
WAC MAAN Project Title: Defending the rights of jobless and workers in East Jerusalem and Area C. $70,000
Jerusalem Center for Women Project Title: Hotline for children and their families. $50,000
Jerusalem Network for Community Advocacy Project Title: Partnership for protection: empowering Palestinian residents of Occupied East Jerusalem. $69,457
Emek Shaveh Project Title: Jerusalem land and heritage rights. $50,000
THE JAHALIN ASSOCIATION [NABI SAMWEL] (“TJA”) Project Title: Developing Palestinian Bedouin Jahalin Resilience. $32,484
Land Research center Project Title: Protecting Palestinian's housing and land rights in Area 'C'. $70,000
The Palestinian Youth Association for Leadership and Rights Activation - Pyalara Project Title: Hands in hands against settlers violence. $98,958
Hurryyat Project Title: Against torture in the Palestinian territories – The Palestinian accession to the International Convention Against Torture. $60,000
Torture Rehabilitation Center Project Title: Strengthening the resiliency of marginalized communities affected by settlers or/and Israeli forces violence in Hebron. $50,000
Social Developmental Forum-SDF Project Title: Improve the local response of the right to work and the right of access for people with disabilities in Gaza Strip. $86,652
Society Voice Foundation Project Title: Advocacy for displaced families and demolished houses in the Gaza Strip. $94,325



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