This case study sheds light on Um al Kheir Village situation, which constitutes a case of targeting Bedouin by the Israelis occupation authorities. The case study includes analyses of the situation of Um al Kheir village, identifies violations of international human rights and humanitarian law provisions, and highlights the discriminatory nature of the Israeli legal system.

This Paper discusses the new regulation issued by the Palestinian Council of Ministers No. 8 of 2015 amending regulation No. 3 of 2010 related to Non Profit Companies, which aims to provide the government with broad powers to intervene in NPC’s financial resources without restrictions or controls, or the possibility of complaints. This paper discuss this new regulation by exploring the connection between NPCs and Civil Society Organisations (CSOs), governmental justification of this amendment, and by assessing the constitutionality and legality of this amendment in the light of international treaties that Palestine acceded to without reservation.

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Annual Report 2014

This is the Annual Report of DCI Palestine, covering the work of the CSO in 2014. The reports presents the challenges, including those resulting from the war on Gaza, which witnessed the killing by Israel of over 500 children, and also the progress felt, including in the steps taken to ensure accountability of perpetrators of human rights violations to account, as in the case of the child Nadeem Nawara.
This is the result of a joint effort by the Ministry of Justice and Ministry of Administrative Development, with assistance from the OHCHR in the oPt. The Document served as a tool based on which human rights considerations were taken into account throughout the development of the PNDP. The Document is based on the entirety of the body of IHRL, and uses HRBA as a prism through which justice, participation, equality and other pillars are integrated in Palestinian development.
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Constitutional System in Palestine

After recent international developments represented in recognising Palestine as an observer non-member state, at the United Nations, and the signing by Palestine of numerous international conventions, it became more important to draft and enact a democratic Palestinian constitution that guarantees human rights and public liberties as well as provides clear separation between executive, legislative, and judicial authorities. Accordingly, this study comes as a contribution to developing a new Palestinian constitution which protects human dignity, and respects human right and public liberties.

This report covers the performance of the Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law (HR/IHL) Secretariat in the occupied Palestinian territory (oPt) during the first implementation year.

This report not only covers the contribution of the Secretariat and its partners to the realisation of and adherence to HR and IHL in the oPt, but also provides more detail about the extent of partners’ contributions to influence the behavioural change of the Palestinian and Israeli duty bearers.

In this report, the performance of the Secretariat is measured against its agreed objectives, as in the Results Framework, and in accordance with its Strategy.

It tells the reader how, during 2014, the Secretariat and partners – despite obstacles faced and changes in context and country-wide priorities – has contributed to change.

Finally, the Secretariat will use this annual report for its own organisational learning, and operational planning in 2015.

This is the report of the UN HRC - established Commission of Inquiry (CoI) on the violations of international humanitarian law and international human rights law in Occupied Palestine, during the war on Gaza during summer 2014. The CoI released this report on 23 June 2015, ahead of HRC discussion on the same subject, planned for 29 June 2015.

This is a report produced jointly by the four human rights organizations Al Haq, Al Mezan, PCHR and Aldameer, which documents the IHRL and IHL violations committed during the war on Gaza during summer 2014. The Report demonstrates that the loss of life as well as damage to property during the war has been unprecedented, and include gross and systematic violations, amounting to war crimes and crimes against humanity, as defined in the Rome Statute.

أمر عسكري صادر عن قائد قوات الاحتلال في الضفة الغربية، بموجبه تم تعديل بعض نصوص الأمر العسكري رقم (1651) لسنة 2009 المتعلق ب"تعليمات الأمن". الترجمة المرفقة غير رسمية، وتوفرها سكرتاريا حقوق الإنسان والقانون الدولي الإنساني لأغراض البحث ليس الا.

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